Patient Testimonial

Geraldine Washington


When Geraldine Washington was driving one day, the unexpected happened.
“I passed out behind the wheel,” she said. “I think it is because I am a diabetic and my sugar dropped.”
Geraldine’s car swerved, hit a Port Authority bus and was destroyed on impact. When the rescue workers arrived, her feet were caught in the wreckage and they weren’t sure they could be saved. Geraldine also broke five ribs and her sternum. It took them more than an hour just to cut her from the car.
She was rushed to an area hospital for treatment, where she endured 10 hours of surgery. Luckily, her feet were saved, but she still had a long road ahead. Geraldine spent a month in recovery at the hospital and was then discharged to a skilled nursing facility until she could withstand the level of therapy provided at HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital.
After 50 days, she was transferred to HealthSouth Harmarville, where she made her way to her room in a very nervous state.
“My first night, I cried all night,” she said. “I didn’t know what to expect and was really nervous about therapy, but then the nurses showed me so much love.”
Her HealthSouth Harmarville treatment team helped her build up enough strength to walk again, something she hadn’t done since her accident.
“The therapy team had everything I needed to recover,” she says. “They knew when to do what and it was an amazing experience.”
By the time Geraldine was discharged, she could walk the length of the quarter-of-a-mile-long main hallway in the hospital several times using the assistance of the back of a wheelchair.
Upon discharge, she returned home and continued her therapy treatment with HealthSouth Harmarville’s outpatient therapy three times a week. After only a month of outpatient treatment, she was walking with just her cane, furthering her independence and recovery.
“I could be having a hard day, but as soon as I walkin here, it’s better,” Geraldine said.

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