Patient Testimonial

Eileen Mosley

It was your typical summer day in Western Pennsylvania. Eileen Mosley, 80, was especially rushed that afternoon. Someone had mysteriously dropped off 16 cats in her large, country yard and she was hustling and bustling to take care of her new-found friends and find homes for each one. As she was caring for the cats, she noticed some dark-bellied storm clouds rolling in and remembered she still needed to cut her lawn, a three-hour chore she did regularly on her own tractor.

After she began mowing, she hastily made a turn in the tractor on a slope and bumped some timbers.

“I fell off and the mower ran right over my right foot and nearly cut it off,” Mosley adds. “I crawled on my hands and knees toward the house and yelled for help. Just as I settled myself near the house, a car came barreling down my long driveway.”

In the car was her neighbor, who lived far down the street. He said he thought he heard a faint cry for help in the distance. He stayed with Mosley until an ambulance came and took her to the hospital.

Mosley’s right foot could not be saved and it was amputated from the knee down. Following her stay at the hospital, Mosley shuffled between a few different care facilities, until she found HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital.

“There was something very special about HealthSouth,” Mosley says. “All of the employees would smile and say hello and give you words of encouragement.”

Beyond the caring staff, Mosley said she also received exceptional rehabilitation.

“The therapists were outstanding,” Mosley comments. “What they do, they do with such professionalism, dedication, warmth and kindness. They know what they’re doing and they know how far they can push you and they do. They do what’s the best for you.”

Although learning to walk again with a prosthesis would be considered a challenge for anyone, 80-year-old Mosley took the challenge with stride.

“I’ve never become overwhelmed since my accident,” she said. “All of these people that have helped me. It’s like God sent them at the right time. Even someone came in to take care of those 16 cats, every day, twice a day, until we found homes for them all.”

Today, more than a year after her accident, Mosley has returned to her life of independence.

“I live alone now. I’m even driving,” she states. “I’m going about my church work. I’m driving others to church that can’t get there on their own.”

Mosley fondly remembers her time at HealthSouth as a positive experience that helped her get back on her feet.

“There was such love and healthy concern for me at HealthSouth that I was amazed and didn’t feel traumatized at all,” she says. “HealthSouth is the greatest place to be if you need rehabilitation.”

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